Where to Get Structural Material in Starfield

Learn how to get Structural in Starfield.

by Christian Bognar , J.R. Waugh
Structural Starfield
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Are you trying to find Structural materials in Starfield? This vital resource is used for research and building essential structures in your outpost. Finding any item in the game can be tricky if you are unsure where to look. This guide will cover where to get Structural materials in Starfield.

How to Find the Structural Resource in Starfield

The simplest way to get Structural materials in Starfield is by purchasing them from vendors across the Star systems. This needs no special skill investment and is always a reliable option with the only downside being that you need to travel. When visiting any city or town, talk to the nearest vendor and scroll down to their resource section. Scroll down until you reach Structural (the list is in alphabetical order).

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Not all vendors sell Structural consistently, although a few tend to have them more than others. You will find the best luck checking the vendor in Cydonia, Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis, and the Distribution Center in New Atlantis Commercial District. Just be wary that this resource is costly, so have a lot of credits on you.

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If you visit a Vendor and they do not have Structural on them, wait for 48 hours and revisit them. You can wait by sleeping on a bed or sitting on any chair you can find. Waiting for 48 local hours will restock the vendor’s inventory and possibly add Structural to the resources section. Additionally, you can always find Structural by looting enemies you defeat and the containers you come across, but that’s less reliable.

Find Structural By Scanning and Surveying Planets

Another great way to get Structural materials in Starfield is by scanning planets with your Hand Scanner. Using the scanner on Flora and Fauna, you will be able to see what resources are provided when you harvest. If you see “Structural” listed in the resources, go ahead and harvest to add it to your inventory.

Farm Structural By Building a Greenhouse Onto Your Outpost With Flora Bearing Structural Nearby

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My favorite method, the Greenhouse, is the most sustainable, reliable way to get the Structural resource in Starfield as it replenishes over time. You will need to research Horticulture at the Research Lab and get Botany and Outpost Engineering to do so. To get the Greenhouse option in the Outpost menu if you don’t see it, make sure you have Horticulture researched and then find a planet with Structural nearby. I found Warren Nettles in the Heisenberg system on Heisenberg II to fit the bill here.

Once you find a suitable plant, build your outpost around it. You’ll need the following:

  • Water Extractor
  • Power Source
  • Storage – Solid
  • Greenhouse
    • Adaptive Frame x5
    • Fluorine x4
    • Sealant x3
    • Reactive Gauge x3

You will also need to create an output link (‘Mouse 2’ or ‘RT’) from the Water Extractor to the Greenhouse, and from the Greenhouse to the Storage. The final step is to go to the entrance of the Greenhouse and use the terminal near the entrance to ensure you’re harvesting the Structural resource in Starfield. This will be the way you fuel the Greenhouse, and subsequently find Structural. I did this, and I quickly found 9 Structural to harvest, free of charge. Do this on a loop and you’ll have it forever.

- This article was updated on September 22nd, 2023

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