Where to Get Zero Wire in Starfield

Here's where to get Zero Wire in Starfield to craft objects like a Mission Board!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Starfield has a settlement-building feature similar to games like Fallout 4, where you can craft workbenches, furniture, weapons, and other valuable items for your journey. However, you will need specific materials to craft these items. One such material is the Zero Wire, which can become annoyingly frustrating to obtain during the game’s early stages. However, we have pinpointed the most accessible locations to get Zero Wire in Starfield, including buying and crafting it so you can obtain enough to craft whatever you want.

Where to Buy Zero Wire in Starfield

You can buy Zero Wire in Starfield in New Atlantis at the following shops:

  • Jemison Mercantile – Spaceport
  • Outland – Commercial District
  • Apex Electronics – The Well
  • Trade Authority – The Well
  • UC Exchange – Cydonia

You can cheaply buy Zero Wire at these locations, making it the easiest way to get Zero Wire in Starfield without needing to find scavenge for materials to craft it yourself (more on crafting below).

Jemison Mercantile – New Atlantis

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You can find Jemison Mercantile in the Spaceport of New Atlantis. Once you leave your ship, follow the path until you reach a set of stairs to your left. Head past The Viewport bar, and you will run into Jemison Mercantile. Once inside, speak with Amoli Bava. You will find Zero Wire in the Resources section of her shop for 49 credits each.

Outland – New Atlantis

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You can find Outland in the Commercial district of New Atlantis to the left of GalBank. The easiest way to get here is to take the NAT to the Commercial district and then follow the path to your left. Head inside and speak with Cornelius Townard. You will find Zero Wire in the Resources section of his shop for 49 Credits each.

Apex Electronics – New Atlantis

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You can find Apex Electronics in The Well area of New Atlantis. The easiest way to get here is to take the NAT to the MAST district. Once you leave the NAT train, turn to your right, and you will see an elevator, which will take you down to The Well. Next, leave the elevator and head straight, passing through a door with an Exit sign above it. Once through the door, take your first right, and you will see Apex Electronics. Speak with Henrik Zuran, and you will find Zero Wire in the Resources section of his shop for 49 Credits each.

Trade Authority – New Atlantis

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You can buy a small amount of Zero Wire from the Trade Authority. This shop is easy to find as it is next to Apex Electronics in The Well. Head up the stairs, go through the door, and talk to the receptionist at the front desk. You can purchase Zero Wire in her Resources section for 49 Credits each.

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UC Exchange – Cydonia

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If you need to purchase more Zero Wire than what is available at New Atlantis shops, you can go to Cydonia to purchase more. Once there, go to the UC Exchange shop on the main level of the Central Hub, which Denis Averin runs. Open the shop and head to the Resources section to find Zero Wire for 49 Credits each.

How to Craft Zero Wire in Starfield

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However, if you bought all of the shops’ supplies and need more, you can craft Zero Wire you can craft it using an Industrial Workbench for one Silver and one Copper. If you lack a specific material needed to craft Zero Wire, select the Track function to help locate the specific material you need by scavenging or purchasing. You can Track each material by pressing the A button or R key to do so.

Author’s Note: I wrote this guide while playing Starfield on Xbox Series S.

- This article was updated on August 31st, 2023

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