Where to Go First When Starting Bleak Faith: Forsaken

Begin your journey through the Omnistructure without getting lost too quickly!

by Marc Magrini
Image: Archangel Studios

The world of Bleak Faith: Forsaken is vast, featuring interconnectivity and alternate pathways all throughout the game. To say players will get lost is an understatement, as even the tutorial area has more than a few different routes one can take. Thankfully, at least for that first area, things are more straightforward than they might seem. No matter what path players take first, there’s one place where they’ll eventually need to go to truly start Bleak Faith: Forsaken.

Where Should Players Go First to Start Their Journey in Bleak Faith: Forsaken?

Upon starting the game — most likely after getting the in-game options set to their preference — players will spawn on top of a large bridge. As they progress forward, they’ll come across ladders and stairways to alternate pathways with fairly strong foes. While you can head down these routes for extra items and simple challenge, players who want to start the game as soon as possible should just keep heading forward. If you find yourself going up a large stairway with an NPC sitting at the end of it, you’re going the right way.

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Though the path might seem blocked from this point, you can still progress forward. Just before the gate, you’ll find an outcrop of rocks that you can interact with to climb. Hold up and keep pressing the avoidance (dodge) button and you’ll eventually climb your way to the top of the structure. From there, you can jump across the ruins and land just behind the gate!

If you’re having trouble with jumping across, you can instead head down the ladder next to your respawn point. After braving some difficult enemies and climbing another ladder, you’ll eventually end up behind the gate without needing to climb the wall.

Once you’ve taken care of a few more enemies, you’ll quickly find yourself face-to-face with the first boss of the game. It’ll be a tough fight, so play it safe and consider going down those alternate routes to farm better equipment if you need it. Once you defeat the boss, you’ll make your way to the Central HUB and finally get the chance to fully explore Bleak Faith’s vast world!