Where to Search for Clues in the Vault in Gotham Knights

See where to find all the clues in this side quest

by Caleb Stultz


Players in Gotham Knights may have some issues when looking for clues in the Quartz Lab vault to lead toward Mr. Freeze, like many other bosses, in the game. This section of Gotham Knights tasks players with trying to follow the footsteps of the Dark Knight as four different members of the bat family. Though Batman may be dead, he leaves behind four top-notch detectives to carry out the game’s plot. In this guide, we will show you where to search for clues in the vault in Gotham Knights.

All Clues in the Quartz Lab Vault in Gotham Knights

After you have scanned the frozen scientist, you will need to find all the clues in the vault. Once you have scanned him, scan the notepad on the floor right beside him. Then head over to the blueprint on the wall to the left of the notepad and scan that as well. Last, scan the dictaphone on the table to the right, this will give you all the clues you need in the Quartz Lab vault.

Scientist Location



Stand in front of Dr. Upshot, then hold Down on the D-Pad or X on PC to scan the scientist, who will glow gold.

Notepad Location


The scientist’s notepad can be found to the left of his body. It’s hard to miss, especially when you get ready to scan. It can be scanned to check off the first of three clues.

Blueprint Location


The blueprint is located to the left of the body. Turn your head 90 degrees to the left and you will see it on the wall ready to be scanned. This is the second of the three clues you need to finish this puzzle.

Dictaphone Location


The Dictaphone is also visible from the body, but this time you will need to look to your right instead of your left. Players must walk up to the Dictaphone to scan it unlike the last two clues in this puzzle.

Once you have scanned all four parts, you will have completed the puzzle and can move on the trail towards Mr. Freeze. Go up the stairs to Dr. Upshot’s office and scan the keypad to get inside. From there, you will see a hidden compartment in the floor by scanning it, then pick up the item inside and you will have finished the side quest.

Gotham Knights is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.


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