Which Arsenal of Penitence Weapon Should You Choose in Blasphemous 2?

Choose your weapon wisely in Blasphemous 2!

by J.R. Waugh
Blasphemous 2 Arsenal of Penitence Weapons
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Blasphemous 2 brings a healthy makeover to the Blasphemous Metroidvania. Instead of the Mea Culpa, now you have 3 primary weapons from which you can choose, not even counting the prayers you can wield later. These weapons represent broadly varied playstyles, each with a different aesthetic and weaknesses. They’re known as pieces of the Arsenal of Penitence, but which weapon should you choose when starting your playthrough of Blasphemous 2? Read on to find out.

Which Weapon From the Arsenal of Penitence Should You Start With in Blasphemous 2?

Of the three, the Ruego Al Alba is the most beginner-friendly, with a built-in counterattack and parry that’s the easiest to use of the three Arsenal of Penitence weapons in Blasphemous 2. It has a large blade and a 3-hit combo that gets more powerful with each successive hit, and its counters can be upgraded later. Finally, the Ruego Al Alba is essential to getting through the strange brown flesh walls barring entry to other areas.

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You will get each of the other two later in the same playthrough, as each weapon opens different paths for you to explore. This also means that your playthroughs will start differently. The other weapons, you’ll find out, have fascinating different advantages, while being less well-rounded.

The Sarmiento & Centella is a deadly rapier-style weapon that uses quick thrusts as its attack, and you can use it to warp from floating mirrors in the game to cross long distances and even pass through gates. You can unlock an incredible ability called Verdadera Destreza which gives you Lightning damage once you land enough hits without taking damage, and this weapon can even unlock the best counter in the game.

The Veredicto, meanwhile, is the slowest weapon in the game, an ornate burning flail. It has the best reach of the three, and instead of a block or counter mechanic, you can add Fire damage with the Embers of Faith ability. The Veredicto allows you to strike the large bells in the game, sending shockwaves across the map which materialize blue platforms and disintegrate large blue gates blocking your way.

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