Which First Leader Should You Choose in Warcraft Rumble?

Which Leader should you start with in Warcraft Rumble?

by Thomas Cunliffe
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

After the first few tutorial stages in Warcraft Rumble, you’re asked to choose your first Leader unit — but which Leader should you choose? To help you pick between Sneed, Drakkisath, Tirion Fordring, and other Leaders, we’ve put together this guide on the best first Leaders in Warcraft Rumble.

Who Should You Pick as Your First Leader in Warcraft Rumble?

Screenshot: Attack of the Fanboy

As one of the best units in the entire game, Tirion Fordring is by far the best choice for your first Leader in Warcraft Rumble. Tirion is a Tank and able to heal all nearby allies with his Leader Ability, making him a perfect leader for new players and veterans alike.

Some players are able to choose Rend Blackhand, who is also a fantastic choice for beginners due to his synergy with low-cost flying troops.

If Tirion or Rend doesn’t take your fancy, General Drakkisath and Sneed are still perfectly good choices for your first Leader. Drakkisath, in particular, is a fantastic unit for players focused on PvP, while Sneed can help you familiarize yourself with Warcraft Rumble’s mechanics.

If you’re unsure who to choose, keep reading to learn more about each unit and their Leader Abilities below.

Tirion Fordring

Image: Attack of the Fanboy, Blizzard Entertainment

Leader Ability: Holy Light — Heals all nearby friendly units.
Attack Type: Melee, One-Target
Traits: Tank, Armored, Healer
Faction: Alliance
Cost: 4 Gold
Damage: 120 (67 DPS)
Health: 700
Healing: 160
Attack Speed: 1.8
Speed: Medium

Tirion is currently one of the top Leader minis in both PvE and PvP in Warcraft Rumble. His comparatively low Gold cost, high health, and ability to heal all units make him ideal for early-game survivability and overwhelming the enemy with numbers.

I personally chose Tirion as my first Leader due to his Leader Ability but also because of how much I love him as a character in World of Warcraft. Even if he is part of the Alliance. Lok’tar and all that.

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Rend Blackhand

Image: Attack of the Fanboy, Blizzard Entertainment

Leader Ability: Blacken the Skies — Your other Flying troops cost 1 less Gold when Rend is in play (but no less than 2).
Attack Type: Flying, AoE
Traits: Elemental, Dismounts
Faction: Blackrock
Cost: 4 Gold
Rend Damage: 140 (82.3 DPS)
Gyth Damage: 320 (133 DPS)
Rend Health: 1200
Gyth Health: 340
Rend Range: Melee
Gyth Range: 4

Rend Blackhand is an interesting Leader mini due to his Dismount trait. When Rend’s dragon, Gyth, is defeated, Rend will shift from an AoE-focused character into a melee ground unit. Rend is a superb choice for decks built around flying units and players looking for a more unique Leader to begin with.


Image: Attack of the Fanboy, Blizzard Entertainment

Leader Ability: Sneed Before Greed — Gain 2 Gold when a Siege Damage unit destroys a Tower, damages a Meeting Stone, or opens a Chest.
Attack Type: Melee, AoE
Traits: Tank, Armored, Siege Damage
Faction: Horde
Cost: 5 Gold
Area Damage: 360 (120 DPS)
Health: 1040
Attack Speed: 3
Speed: Medium

Sneed is a unit that becomes more valuable once you’ve mastered Warcraft Rumbles mechanics, rewarding players plenty of Gold for destroying towers, capturing towers, and opening chests. Sneed is also the only starting leader focusing on Siege Damage.

General Drakkisath

Image: Attack of the Fanboy, Blizzard Entertainment

Leader Ability: Holy Light — Nearby enemies take 50% more Elemental damage.
Attack Type: Melee, One-Target
Traits: Tank, Elemental, Resistant
Faction: Blackrock
Cost: 5 Gold
Damage: 300 (167 DPS)
Health: 1600
Attack Speed: 1.8
Speed: Slow

General Drakkisath is a brilliant unit for PvP, synergizing well with Elemental minis and abilities once you get your hands on them. Drakkisath is a very powerful unit in the right hands, but you will need to pair him up with the right minis to take full advantage of his Leader Ability.

Whichever Leader you choose first, remember that you can earn or purchase the remaining two minis later in the game. There are plenty of Leaders to choose from later down the line, so don’t sweat your choice too much at the beginning.

This guide was written while playing Warcraft Rumble on Android.

- This article was updated on November 9th, 2023

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