Which Relics Should You Upgrade First With Shards in Tower of Fantasy?

Where should you spend your precious shards?

by J.T. Isenhour


One of the features that sets Tower of Fantasy apart from other open-world games is the addition of relics. You will come across many different relics that will assist you in different ways. From the jetpack and jetboard relic that will help you get around to the missile barrage and colossus arm relic that help out with combat.

Every relic in Tower of Fantasy can be upgraded to provide additional benefits, but you wouldn’t want to waste your shards on useless upgrades. Let’s go over which relics you should upgrade first in Tower of Fantasy.

Which Relics You Should Upgrade First

If you are a combat-oriented player or more focused on exploring the first relic you should upgrade is the Colossus Arm if you have it. It is an SSR relic that you can easily get if you have the Collector’s Edition battlepass. By using the relic in battle you boost your damage and become immune to hitstun which is quite useful on its own.

If you upgrade the Colossus Arm, you will get the ability to fire missiles with each attack that deal even more damage to your target. Further upgrades will reduce the cooldown of the relic, fire even more missiles and reduce the damage you take at all times. Even if you don’t focus on combat as much as others, this is a great relic to have as the damage reduction will help with anything you try to do.

If you don’t have the Colossus Arm you should put your shards toward upgrading the Missile Barrage. This is an SR relic that you get pretty early on in the story and can be quite useful when upgraded. The Missile Barrage is similar to the Colossus Arm since it is also a damage-boosting relic, but it doesn’t give the hitstun immunity.


The basic Missile Barrage will fire missiles in the direction you are facing for eight seconds. Upgrading the relic will increase the damage of the missiles, make the barrage last longer, increase the fire rate of the missiles and increase the damage you do at all times. While it doesn’t provide as many benefits while active as the Colossus Arm, the damage bonus provided by the upgrades is a huge boost to have.

The next relic to set your sites on upgrading is the Type V Armor. This relic is quite powerful at a basic level and is well worth the SSR status that it has. The basic version of it will allow you to pilot a mech for 30 seconds. During this time you are immune to hitstun and can use an aimed shot attack that fires quite quickly. However, the upgrades are where this relic really shines.

By upgrading the Type V Armor you will gain access to two exclusive abilities while piloting it. You will get Artillery Fire, which will allow you to fire shots at a locked-on target that deals a decent amount of damage. With it fully upgraded, you will be able to use Flame Domain which will cover a wide area around you in flames that deal massive amounts of damage. The other upgrades for the Type V Armor will allow attacks made in the armor to inflict burn and increase your flame damage at all times.

Finally, if you are looking for a traversal-oriented relic to upgrade then look no further than the Jetpack relic. Most of the traversal relics don’t provide any upgrades that help with getting around the map. But the jetpack upgrades do provide bonuses that can be used outside of combat as well as a move that can help initiate combat.

The first upgrade for the jetpack is quite powerful as it decreases the cooldown of the liftoff charges to 100 seconds and allows you to glide indefinitely. Further upgrades will reduce the cooldown of the liftoff charges down to 60 seconds, allow you to store an additional charge, empower your attacks to stun enemies and provide a damage reduction at all times. If you need any more help with Tower of Fantasy make sure to check out our other guides.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, IOS and Android.

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