Tower of Fantasy: Are the Advanced Pass or Collector’s Edition Pass Worth It?

Which pass is right for you?

by J.T. Isenhour


It seems like almost every game has a battle pass system now and Tower of Fantasy is no different. However, Tower of Fantasy has two different tiers of battle pass that you can buy with a few major differences. While it may seem easy to just buy the most expensive version of the battle pass available, is it worth getting? Let’s go over the two different passes in Tower of Fantasy and see which one you should get.

Which Tower of Fantasy Pass Should You Get

Most games have a simple battle pass system. You have a free reward track and a premium track, or you have one track with free rewards every few levels. When you get down to it, the Tower of Fantasy battle pass system isn’t too different. You can either spend $10 to get the premium track of the battle pass and unlock all the rewards as you level up the pass or you can get the Collector’s Edition battle pass that has a few extra bonuses.


However, are the bonuses from the Collector’s Edition battle pass worth the extra $10 you have to pay for it? If you break it down you get the first 30 levels of the battle pass as well as your choice of an SSR relic and 10 rolls of the Red Nucleus Gacha. You also get an exclusive outfit, avatar, avatar frame, and chat bubble. While the exclusives are nice, there are plenty of other outfits for you to wear and other avatars and frames to use.

While you can’t directly convert the value of the 30 levels, SSR relic, and 10 Red Nucleus to cash easily, it does seem like all of that would cost you more than $10. This means if you are heavily invested in Tower of Fantasy and see yourself playing it regularly enough to finish the battle pass, the Collectors Edition is worth every cent.

The only way you are losing anything on the Collector’s Edition is if you are past level 30 in the battle pass. Since the Collector’s Edition will only boost the pass to level 30, if you are past that level then you will get no level boost.

If you are not as heavily invested in the game but want to earn all of the nice rewards on the premium track of the battle pass, just stick to the regular pass upgrade. There are still plenty of rewards to make the $10 you pay worth it as long as you finish the battle pass.

No matter which of the passes you end up getting, the best value you can get out of either of them is from simply completing the battle pass. If you need any more help with Tower of Fantasy make sure to check out our other guides.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, IOS and Android.

- This article was updated on August 18th, 2022

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