Who is the Protagonist in Silent Hill 2? All Silent Hill 2 Remake Characters

Wounds will heal... but your mind will be scarred forever.

by J.R. Waugh


Silent Hill 2 is receiving a remake, and it’s a great day for fans everywhere. Not only is the title listed among the greatest horror games of all time, but it’s also simply one of the greatest experiences ever put into video gaming format. The fact that it’s getting proper ground-up treatment from Bloober, the team behind The Medium, is excellent, given their particularly grim atmospheric horror offerings in the past. For newcomers to this excellent title though, you might be confused about who the protagonist is in Silent Hill 2, and what characters will be the ones to watch in the remake.

Who Is the Protagonist in Silent Hill 2 Remake?


James Sunderland is the protagonist of Silent Hill 2 and its remake, a troubled figure whose sanity comes into question through the events of the game. Summoned by a letter apparently from his dead wife Mary, James goes to Silent Hill to meet her in their so-called ‘Special Place.’ On this journey, he comes to terms with the events of his past and has to wrestle with his lingering guilt while navigating the brilliant visual storytelling told by the in-game world. James’ character is a flawed one at best, and the creatures he encounters are manifestations of his own guilt for previous sins, including a particular key character he encounters frequently.

James’ characterization looks accurate to the original in this upcoming remake, the combined look of confusion and sadness lingering in his eyes in gorgeous current-gen visuals. You see how the world is reflected by his character, from the mystery of the town to the design of the nurses and their connection to both Mary and James’ struggles. The game looks like a faithful remake and a potentially fantastic one at that.

Who Are All the Characters in the Remake?


The developers at Bloober have made it their goal to recreate everything that made the original game a classic, and that means we’ll likely see a return of most if not all the original cast. In addition to protagonist James Sunderland, we’ll likely see characters from the original Silent Hill 2:

  • Mary Shepherd-Sunderland
  • Maria
  • Laura
  • Eddie Dombrowski
  • Angela Orosco
  • Pyramid Head
  • Mira

As we saw in the trailer, Maria, James, and Pyramid Head feature prominently, as do other characters via brief glimpses. We’re excited to see how the world is rendered in its gloomy, foggy glory with the over-the-shoulder third-person mechanics, and really feel the dread set in. Silent Hill is back, and it looks like it’s here to stay.

Silent Hill 2 is not currently slated for a specific release date, but it will release as a PlayStation 5 console exclusive alongside a PC release. You can wishlist this game on either platform right now.

- This article was updated on October 19th, 2022

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