Will Culex Return in the Super Mario RPG Remake?

Will this familiar foe return in the modern era?

by Marc Magrini
Image: Nintendo

One of the biggest pre-release questions about the Super Mario RPG remake is whether or not Culex, the original game’s superboss, will be making his return.

Culex is the toughest challenge of the original game, providing players with a battle calling back to the 2D style of Final Fantasy games up to that point. The original Japanese release even emphasized this point, with the boss being amazed at Mario’s three-dimensional strength. With the various references and unique backstory hidden in this battle, fans could only wonder whether it would return in the new remake — or if it would be replaced with something new altogether.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the secret battle in the Super Mario RPG Remake!

Does Culex Return in the Remake of Super Mario RPG?

Though Culex doesn’t directly originate from Final Fantasy, his sprite, battle, and music all make various references to the franchise. In the Japanese version of Super Mario RPG, his name was Crystaller, and his appearance referenced the 3D models that the game used for its graphics. Between the crossover content and the metatextual backstory, it was still unknown if Culex would return as he was in the now-fully-3D remake. But now, there’s been full confirmation on whether he’s truly coming back.

Image: Nintendo

As revealed in a Japanese trailer for the game, not only does Culex return, but he even retains his old 2D sprite. This retention extends to his crystals and his music, as well, making the fight about as faithful to the original as it can get. The exact steps to get to him are still unknown, but if it’s anything like the original, players will want to get their hands on Fireworks in Moleville before too long. Another question still remaining is whether he’ll also retain his English-translated name, since new translations are among some of the remake’s changes.

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Notably, just after making mention of Culex/Crystaller, the game’s Japanese website also teases an even greater secret unique to the remake. This seems to imply that an even tougher boss battle is lying in wait, which would line up with the game’s post-boss rematches. It’s possible that this 2D foe could get a three-dimensional upgrade of his own…or that an entirely different crossover encounter could appear.

- This article was updated on November 2nd, 2023

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