Will the Last Epoch Early Access Progress Carry Over?

You won't lose your character, but...

by Davi Braid
Last Epoch Hero Standing against evil in the game's opening

After spending many hours playing the game, some Last Epoch players might worry about a possible server wipe after the Early Access period. So, will the Last Epoch Early Access progress carry over, or will players lose all their progress? Let’s find out.

Will there be a save wipe after the Early Access of Last Epoch?

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There won’t be a save wipe after Last Epoch’s Early Access. Players will be able to keep their save files, albeit in a Legacy Realm. The progression system of Last Epoch is built around the concepts of Legacy Realms and Cycles, and the full release of the game will also mark the beginning of a new cycle.

What Are Legacy Realms & Cycles?

Legacy Realms are servers that hold all characters not created after the launch of the latest cycle. After each cycle, which lasts from 3 to 4 months based on our experience in the game’s Early Access, characters move to the Legacy Realm. This is the game’s main server that holds all characters from past cycles. Don’t worry, you’ll keep your skills, Masteries, gear, gold, and everything else. Plus, you can play any new stuff added in updates when you’re in the Legacy Realm.

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Cycles are regular resets that let players start anew with fresh characters, trading, and leaderboards. This cycle system is common in many action role-playing games (ARPGs) and helps keep the game fair and competitive. Players can choose to keep playing their characters in the Legacy Realm or start the new cycle for a new experience.

Think of new cycles as a new server offering a desirable challenge for those seeking a fresh start. It prevents economic imbalances, ensures a competitive ladder, and introduces new content with each cycle. While some players may prefer the continuous progression of their characters without resets, the cyclical nature adds a layer of excitement, preventing stagnation and providing a dynamic environment. This mechanic is commonplace in the ARPG genre.

How Offline Mode Works in Last Epoch

The current “offline mode” requires players to connect to the server so they can log in, but this requirement will be removed with the release of the upcoming version 1.0 of Last Epoch. Also, note that offline characters can never be used online. The developers implemented this measure as a safeguard against online cheating.

- This article was updated on February 9th, 2024

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