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Wolcen – How to Unlock 5th Skill

Add to your arsenal an extra skill.

by Brandon Adams


As some of you have no doubt noticed, there is a locked 5th skill in Wolcen, and many have wondered when they can unlock it. Well, I have good news and bad new: turns out you get it in the endgame, but it’s a bit of a grind to acquire.

The 5th skill is unlocked via the Adventure Mode endgame and Stormfall Restoration.

Once you beat the third act of Wolcen and bring the story to a close you will unlock the endgame, which has you pursuing missions in an adventure mode that feeds into the restoration of Stormfall. Completing projects and buildings in Stormfall unlocks a variety of additional perks, including the 5th skill slot.

To unlock the 5th skill slot you need to build the Stormfall Institute (West) for 200k gold, 6000 affinity and 5000 productivity. Productivity is earned from running missions, gold from drops and selling items, and affinity from selling back learned skills. At this point in the game you shouldn’t have to worry too hard over gold or affinity, but you will need to queue up some dungeon runs for the productivity. Once you start the project you will need to wait a few days of in-game time for it to finish, and time is advanced by completing missions. I.E. Be ready for lots of spelunking.

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- This article was updated on:February 16th, 2020

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