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Wolcen – How to Get Primordial Affinity

It may seem complex, but acquiring this material is simple.

by Brandon Adams


In Wolcen skills – otherwise known as “Enneracts”- are leveled up in two ways: through combat, and with Primordial Affinity. There have been some questions concerning affinity since early access, and with the game officially out I have answers worth sharing.

You gain Primordial Affinity by selling skills.

Mercifully, acquiring affinity in Wolcen is a straight-forward affair. Whenever a skill drops in the world (or, whenever you buy one from the Archivist for gold) you have two options after looting it. If you do not know the skill you will learn it when you right-click it in your inventory. If you do, however, you will immediately sell it for Primordial Affinity, even if you right-click it in the field. You can also sell Enneracts you do not wish to learn at the Archivist, but be sure her interface is open, otherwise you will learn the skill. You can also buy Enneracts for 2000 gold from her, then sell them back for affinity –  a great option if you are flush with gold.

Enneracts can be leveled up with affinity, and the more experience a skill has towards its next level the less affinity it will cost to get it over the finish line. Affinity is also used to respec your passives, and the cost increases the more passives you have activated.

That is the most common way to farm Primordial Affinity. As the Wolcen evolves there may be additional methods, to include endgame pursuits, so we’ll keep this article updated if other methods make an appearance.

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- This article was updated on:February 16th, 2020

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