Wordle #321 Hints and Answer for Friday, May 6

At this point, having a Wordle streak of 300+ is like a badge of honor.

by Elliott Gatica


With the first week of May already coming to an end, those Wordle streaks won’t! More than 300 words later, there are somehow more five-letter words to unscramble for this game. At some point, the game has to switch it up to words with more letters. For now, we’ll do with five. Luckily for you, we have some hints and the answer to get you through today’s Wordle for May 6.

Hints for Wordle May 6

Here are some clues to help you get today’s word:

  • The word has two vowels— specifically the first two.
  • One of the vowels is pronounced silently in this word.
  • This word has one syllable.
  • There are no repeated letters.
  • Gamers: This is an item you earn when defeating a gym leader in Pokemon.

Today’s Wordle 321 Answer

If the hints did not suffice for today’s answer, we have the answer down below.


The answer to the May 6 Wordle is BADGE.

How Does Wordle Work?

Wordle is a daily word-guessing game now under the New York Times. You get one word that you have to guess within six tries. For each word you put, you’ll be judged based on letters that are relevant to the word of the day. Green means letters exist in the correct position of the word you’re looking for. Yellow letters indicate that you got the correct letter, but it is used elsewhere in that word. Grey means those letters do not exist.

Luckily, the game will track which letters you used by indicating their colors on the on-screen keyboard below. Ideally, you’d want to use letters you haven’t used before so you can then rule out what the word is. The optimal strategy is to open up with a vowel-heavy word.

As an addition to the clues above, start your Wordles with words like AUDIO, PIOUS, or ADIEU. Those words when started with first eliminate 4 of the 5 typical vowels for words. After that, start crafting words around the correct or missing vowels.

A final tip: try not to repeat letters until your final two guesses. The process of elimination will paint a clearer picture if you do need to repeat some.

You can play Wordle for free on their website. If you want additional Wordle-type games, check out the alternatives we listed here.

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