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XCOM: Chimera Squad – How to Use Breach Items

Breach and clear.

by Diego Perez


XCOM: Chimera Squad adds a lot of new twists to the traditional XCOM formula, but the most prominent new feature is breach mode, which allows Chimera Squad to get the drop on a group of enemies and make the first move upon entering a new room. Normally, each Chimera Squad agent can either shoot at an enemy or rush for cover, but they can also bring certain breach items with them that provide a number of different benefits upon entry. From medkits to scanners, breach items can make a world of difference in XCOM: Chimera Squad and they can absolutely turn the tide of an encounter in your favor early on.

How to Use Breach Items in XCOM: Chimera Squad

To use breach items in XCOM: Chimera Squad, click the square near an agent’s portrait during a brach. For most agents, the square should have a crosshair in it by default to signify a breach shot. Clicking on it will summon a drop-down menu with any available abilities or items for the breach. This is also how you use abilities like Terminal’s refresh, which heals all agents at the breach point for a small amount of health. Of course, to use a breach item, an agent will need to have one equipped, so check everyone’s loadout before heading out on a mission. You don’t want to hatch a plan involving Holo Scanners and then not bring any.

Sometimes, an agent will have a breach item equipped but the game will tell you that this item cannot be used at the agent’s current position. If you run into this issue, simply move the impacted agent to another position during the breach. This problem occurs when an agent is otherwise occupied during a breach. The game sometimes won’t let them roll an explosive into a room if they’re the one opening the door, for example. It rarely occurs, however, and when it does pop up, it’s easily solved. Happy breaching!

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