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XCOM: Chimera Squad – Investigation Guide – Which Investigation to Choose First

by Diego Perez


XCOM: Chimera Squad features a branching campaign comprised of three separate investigations. Each investigation is centered around a certain faction, and each faction relies on its own arsenal and tactics to fight Chimera Squad. You’ll have to deal with all three factions eventually, but the order you choose to investigate them can alter your campaign in several ways. Each of them starts off weak and ill-equipped, so the first one you choose will be a perfect match for your rookie Chimera Squad agents. The second and third will be even more powerful, and they’ll deploy new enemy types and more advanced weaponry on missions.

Which Investigation to Choose First in XCOM: Chimera Squad?

Ultimately, the investigation you choose first comes down to personal preference. There isn’t a best order to do them in, and you’ll face the same difficulty curve no matter which order you choose to tackle the factions in. Still, knowing about each faction and their combat styles can make the choice a bit easier. The Progeny rely heavily on psionic powers and come equipped with multiple abilities alongside their weapons. Gray Phoenix are your typical band of mercenaries, scavengers that have amassed a collection of powerful weaponry. Lastly, Sacred Coil is an underground religious movement for hybrids that employs multiple different species, including XCOM staples like chryssalids.

If you have experience with previous XCOM games, then your first faction should be one that employs enemy types and strategies that have historically given you trouble in past games. If you hate chryssalids with a passion, get Sacred Coil out of the way first. If you hate psionic abilities being used against you, knock out The Progeny first. In my first playthrough, I started with The Progeny, moved onto Sacred Coil, and finished off with Gray Phoenix. Getting rid of the psionic Progeny early was nice, but Gray Phoenix’s late-game firepower was difficult to deal with. No matter which investigation order you choose, keep in mind that each faction grows stronger the longer you wait to take them down.

- This article was updated on:April 24th, 2020

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