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Xenoblade Chronicles – How to Beat Xord

How to take down Xord in the Ether Mine.

by Diego Perez


Xenoblade Chronicles has many boss fights, but the first boss encounter that gives a lot of players trouble is Xord, the giant faced Mechon in the Ether Mine. While Xord may appear similar to Metal Face, his fight plays out very differently. The Monado is no use on its own, so Shulk, Reyn, and Sharla will have to be a little bit smarter with this fight. Thankfully, the pattern to taking down Xord is incredibly simple once you get the hang of it. You’ll just have to make use of all the tools in your arsenal. The fight with Xord is there to teach you the importance of Chain Attacks, which you’re going to use quite often as you venture across the Bionis. This is how to beat Xord in Xenoblade Chronicles.

How to Beat Xord in Xenoblade Chronicles

Like other Mechon, Xord cannot be damaged by normal physical attacks. However, Xord cannot be damaged by the Monado, either, at least not on its own. In order to damage Xord, you have to Topple him first. It seems easy enough, but Xord is resistant to Break through normal circumstances. The only way to inflict Break, and in turn inflict Topple, is through a Chain Attack. Fortunately, Xord frequently spawns smaller Mechon enemies for you to fight so you can build up your Party Gauge. Once the Party Gauge is full, perform a Chain Attack and Topple Xord. To Topple him, first perform a pink Art to inflict Break followed by a green Art to inflict Topple.

Once Xord is on the ground, he’s susceptible to damage from the Monado as well as enchanted weapons. Don’t forget to use Monado Enchant so Reyn and Sharla can damage Xord alongside Shulk. You can also use a yellow Art like Shulk’s Shaker Edge to inflict Daze on Xord while he’s Toppled. Just repeat this process a few times to end the fight. You won’t have to completely defeat Xord just yet, as the fight will end after you’ve taken about a quarter of his health bar away.

If you’re struggling to defeat Xord, don’t be afraid to enable Casual Mode to make this fight, and all subsequent fights, a breeze. There’s no penalty to enabling Casual Mode, and you can simply turn it back off whenever you like.

- This article was updated on:June 15th, 2020

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