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Yakuza: Like a Dragon – All Available Jobs

You may start out homeless, but you won't be jobless

by Joshua Garibay


Yakuza: Like a Dragon is unlike any Yakuza game before it. The turn-based battle system sticks out as a prime example of how the series is evolving. The new combat design incorporates a feature common with JRPGs: jobs.

Ichiban Kasuga and his team can all take on jobs to drastically change their fighting style and abilities. Jobs come in three different categories: character-specific, male, and female. Each character added to the crew comes preloaded with their own unique job. This selection cannot be applied to anyone else. The only limitations on the remainder are there gender designations. Ichiban cannot take on a female-only job. I know it’s 2020, but that’s how it is in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Jokes aside, there are a fair amount of jobs that can be assigned to Ichiban’s gang through Hello Work, assuming the appropriate level and stat conditions are met. If you don’t, keep progressing through the main story, take on substories, and grind out random encounters to boost the necessary areas.

Here’s the full rundown of jobs available.

Class Restriction
Hero Ichiban Kasuga
Homeless Yu Nanba
Detective Koichi Adachi
Junior Mistress Seako Mukuoda
Hitman Joo-gi Han
Mafia Tianyou Zhao
Clerk Eri Kamataki
Bodyguard Male
Dancer Male
Fortune Teller Male
Riot Police Male
Street Musician Male
Host Male
Wrecker Male
Chef Male
Devil Rocker (DLC) Male
Hostess Female
Night Queen Female
Idol Female
Dealer Female
Matriarch (DLC) Female

The jobs listed can be leveled to Rank 99, but all associated job-specific abilities will be unlocked by Rank 28.

Now that you know what jobs are out there, waiting to wreak havoc on the streets of Yokohama, check out our guide on how to change jobs.

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