Yet Another Zombie Survivors Happiness Explained

What does Happiness do in Yet Another Zombie Survivors?

by Noah Nelson
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If you’ve played a round or two of Yet Another Zombie Survivors, then you’ve probably seen an option for Happiness. What is this mystery buff and why does it matter? Here is exactly what Happiness does in Yet Another Zombie Survivors.

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What is Happiness in Yet Another Zombie Survivors?

As you level up your characters in Yet Another Zombie Survivors, you’ll put training points into stats like Endurance, Charisma, Strength, Intellect, and Agility. However, a stat that is run-specific, meaning it’ll reset every time you start a new match, is Happiness.

It sounds strange, and that’s because it is, but Happiness equals luck. Yep, Happiness is a run-specific stat in Yet Another Zombie Survivors that basically means luck in every other game. Happiness determines how often health and protection drop.

How to Increase Happiness in YAZS

The only way to increase your Happiness in Yet Another Zombie Survivors is to open yellow chests that randomly appear throughout the map and choose that buff from your given options.

The higher your Happiness, the more likely you are to find health and protection items during your run. While Happiness isn’t required, and I recommend picking more concrete upgrades at the beginning of your Yet Another Zombie Survivors run, higher Happiness is essential for a longer run.

Is Happiness Worth It?

If you can’t choose between Happiness and another upgrade, try choosing Happiness and notice if more health and protection items drop from enemies. If you experience a notable difference when choosing Happiness, you might consider choosing it again in future runs. If you don’t see a difference, you might need to upgrade Happiness more to fully feel its effects.

This is a weird guide because I literally said, “Try choosing Happiness.” While that’s true in Yet Another Zombie Survivors, it also applies to real life I suppose. Something that helps me choose Happiness is playing these Vampire Survivors clone games; I recommend trying out Halls of Torment.

- This article was updated on July 14th, 2023

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