How to Unlock All Characters in Yet Another Zombie Survivors

Fill out your roster of survivors.

by Diego Perez
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With Vampire Survivors exploding in popularity last year, a wave of clones was sure to follow. Joining the likes of other spiritual successors like Soulstone Survivors, Yet Another Zombie Survivors places a gritty apocalyptic twist on the formula. While its longevity remains to be seen, the initial response to the game has been incredibly positive and fans are eager to see how the game progresses as they unlock new items, levels, and characters.

How to Unlock Characters in YAZS

Just like Vampire Survivors, you’ll unlock new characters in Yet Another Zombie Survivors by reaching certain survival milestones and slaying enough undead enemies. There are six characters in Yet Another Zombie Survivors, three of which are unlocked by default. Adding the Huntress, Ghost, and Medic to your roster is super easy though.

Here’s how to unlock every character in Yet Another Zombie Survivors.

CharacterUnlock Method
SWATStarting character
TankStarting character
EngineerStarting character
HuntressSurvive for 15 minutes
GhostKill 100 bosses
MedicCollect 200 health kits

When compared to its contemporaries, filling out the roster of Yet Another Zombie Survivors is very straightforward. There are no unique bosses to kill or puzzles to solve, you just have to play the game for a while and you’ll eventually add every survivor to your team. Things like collecting health packs and killing boss zombies will come naturally as you dump hours into Yet Another Zombie Survivors, so you’ll unlock the Huntress, Ghost, and Medic in no time as you work on upgrading the starting trio of SWAT, Tank, and Engineer.

Since YAZS is currently in early access, the roster will most likely grow as the game approaches its full 1.0 release. This is evidenced by the silhouettes on the character select screen with question marks on them. These are placeholder slots for upcoming characters. This guide will be updated as new characters are added to the game in major updates, so be sure to check back regularly to see if there are any new survivors you can unlock!

- This article was updated on July 14th, 2023

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