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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links How to Farm Lvl 50 Kite

Shutdown lvl 50 Kite's Deck with this awesome guide.

by Victor Vellas


Number Hunter: Kite Tenjo event is still ongoing and we also have Kite’s lvl 50 variant now to tackle. Everyone is trying to maximize their score and success rate, in order to farm him efficiently, so let’s take a look as to how to do so.

We already covered a great deck that you can use at him for his lvl 40 version, which can indeed work here as well, but there is a quite good alternative if you do have the cards for it. Here it goes:

Core Destroyer Shutdown


  • Ally of Justice Core Destroyer x3
  • UFOroid x3
  • Mixeroid x3
  • Gravekeeper’s Vassal x1
  • Union Attack x2
  • Exchange x1
  • Leeching the Light x1
  • Secret Pass to the Treasures x1
  • Light-Imprisoning Mirror x1
  • Good Goblin Housekeeping x2
  • Jar of Greed x1

** Good Goblin Housekeeping and Jar of Greed are the only non-essential cards for this Deck, as they are here purely for recycling your cards and additional search power. Feel free to change them however you see fit, with equal type of cards with enough draw power.

Set Skill

– Attack Charge –

“One of the monsters that you control on the field gains the ATK of the current number of the turn x100. This Skill can only be used once per Duel.”

Approximate Score

7000 – 8000

How to use.

First things first, you can already see where this is going. Kite only has LIGHT monsters in his deck, therefore the Core Destroyer combo with Light-Imprisoning Mirror is enough to completely shut down every move of his, especially that obnoxious Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon.

Start by thinning out your deck, using Good Goblin Housekeeping, Jar of Greed and UFOroid to search for the Core Destroyer, or itself in case you want to thin it further. Mixeroid is there to actually find UFOroid, starting this chain. You need x2 Core Destroyers in your field, before the last turn takes place, so make sure to have these ready.

Reaching the final turn, you start your setup and attack respectively. With your current field set, additionally summon Gravekeeper’s Vassal and use alongside it, both of the Union Attack cards and Secret Pass of the Treasures, targeting the Vassal.

Now the fun part begins, where you need to steal the Attack points of Kite’s strongest monster, with Leeching the Light. Finish up with using your Set Skill, for an extra Attack boost and use Exchange to get rid of Kuriphoton, from Kite’s hand. Simply attack now, and enjoy the huge amount of effect damage, knocking out Kite right away. Yield your big chunks of battle score, and repeat the whole process as many times as needed, to complete the event with all of its rewards claimed.


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