Berserk Chapter 375 Leaks Suggest Next Chapter Coming Sooner This Time

A bonfire of hopes and dreams of a new Berserk chapter, ignited by a small tweet.

by J.R. Waugh
Berserk Chapter 375 Leaks
Images: Kentaro Miura / Studio Gaga / Hakusensha

We love Berserk here at AOTF, with its potent storylines and iconic artwork that’s as haunting and graphic as it is beautiful. With the series still running more than 30 years later, living on past the life of its creator as he would have wanted, every chapter is a blockbuster event people eagerly anticipate. But with such phenomenal artwork and the difficult mission of sticking to Kentaro Miura’s vision as much as possible, it can be stressful waiting for new chapters. But according to new statements, we might soon see leaks surface as Berserk Chapter 375 has some good news!

Berserk Chapter 375 Leaks Are Good News for the Readers

Thanks to another post by Yoshimitsu Kurosaki’s Twitter account, Berserk Chapter 375 is completed and will be published in Young Animal soon. This means we can potentially see the chapter release on November 10, 2023. As this is a developing story, we will update you with a confirmed release date, along with any additional confirmed delays

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When we posted recent news like this regarding Kurosaki’s statement on Chapter 374, the installment was published in Young Animal just short of 4 weeks later. It seems unlikely that we’d get it so soon on the 27th, but the important thing here is that fans won’t have to wait for months this time to find out what happens next for Guts on the Seahorse.

When Does Berserk Typically Release?

Unlike many of the other stories we cover, Berserk releases in Young Animal Magazine, which releases on the second and fourth Friday of every month. This means that if a chapter is not ready for release by the second Friday of the month, the series will take a hiatus until the 4th Friday, with no exceptions. Since the 4th Friday still won’t see a release of Chapter 375, October 27 in this case, we will have to wait until November 10.

The best source around who is on top of these hiatus updates is Manga Mogura, who I encourage you to follow in addition to keeping an eye out for our coverage. With the Eastern Exile Arc just beginning, we’re about to see a new and exciting series of developments for this iconic Seinen sensation.

- This article was updated on October 14th, 2023

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