Blue Lock Chapter 242 Leaks & Raw Scans Show a Teammate’s Past as Black Sheep of the Family

Michael Kaiser played a bit part of Alexis Ness' life.

by J.R. Waugh
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For those enjoying the reliable weekly installments of Blue Lock for their fix of regular, high-quality manga, it’s been a good several months. But as leaks and raw scans begin to surface for Blue Lock Chapter 242, we learn about the significance of Alexis Ness’ bond with Michael Kaiser!

Blue Lock Chapter 242 Leaks Dive Into Ness’ Past

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Alexis Ness did not have an ideal upbringing, being an imaginative child raised by a rigidly scientific family as shown in the leaks for Blue Lock Chapter 242. Thanks to Rayuga and @hoshi801_ on Twitter, we’ve been treated not only with raw scans but also a written summary with the detailsofn what happens in this chapter.

Ness’ upbringing was harsh not in terms of any financial difficulties, but just in how poorly he was treated. He believed in magic and this was reprimanded by parents and siblings alike for something as simple as playing in the snow. After being served up cold reality both in his perception of their healing abilities as doctors and having his snowman activities ruined, Ness turned to football.

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Football was where he perceived his natural talents as magic. It allowed him to stay out of his house where magic was not welcome. It was a worthy escape, with Ness quickly being nurtured and pushed to go pro by his teammates while his family scoffed. But when he began to feel challenged even in this realm, and his magic began to fade once his play faltered, Kaiser was there to push him to grow.

Blue Lock Chapter 242 Raw Scans Highlight Ness’ Troubled Childhood

There’s nothing ostensibly wrong with wanting your children to respect the importance of understanding the world in a scientific light. But as the raw scans for Blue Lock Chapter 242 remind us, it’s also tough being a child bullied by his own family for being a kid, as he was shown bawling while his siblings walked away.

In this chapter, we saw little Ness have his magic denounced by his family, and even his games of make-believe utterly ruined. The staff and snow golem he created were destroyed, and that can be tough for any kid to process. So it’s important that Kaiser entered his life, a presence on his team who could snap him back to reality after his ego was crushed.

We can’t wait for more Blue Lock, so keep an eye out for future updates like this!

- This article was updated on November 25th, 2023

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