Is the Bungo Stray Dogs Manga Finished?

Is Atsushi’s story at its end?

by Areeba Khan
Is the Bungo Stray Dogs Manga Finished?
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Thanks to its interesting cast and unique storyline, Bungo Stray Dogs has managed to carve its name into the hearts of many anime fans. With characters based on famous writers, the series does a wonderful job of incorporating bits of their work into one cohesive plot line. 

Whether you’re anime only or a fan of the manga, you may be wondering if the Bungo Stray Dogs manga is finished or not. Keep reading to find out!

Bungo Stray Dogs Manga Status Explained

As of Oct. 2023, the manga version of Bungo Stray Dogs has not yet been concluded. The manga is serialized in Kadokawa Shoten’s monthly seinen magazine, Young Ace, which comes out on the fourth of every month. 

So far, the Bungo Stray Dogs manga has 111 chapters divided into 23 volumes. Given Young Ace’s monthly schedule, new chapters come out a bit slower than some fans may like, but rest assured the manga is still ongoing and is likely to continue that way for years to come.

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Will the Manga be Adapted?

Bungo Stray Dogs’ anime made a much-anticipated return in 2023 for seasons 4 and 5, four years after the conclusion of its third season in 2019. With that kind of history, fans are understandably concerned that the manga will continue being adapted. 

Fortunately, with the series’ loyal following, anime adaptations are likely to continue as long as the manga is ongoing. Future seasons may take a while to avoid compromising on quality, but there is a high chance they will come out. Of course, without an official statement on this topic, this speculation can change at any time. 

What is Bungo Stray Dogs About?

Centered around the conflicts between the Armed Detective Agency, Port Mafia, and other “gifted” organizations, Bungo Stray Dogs tells the story of a supernatural teen Atsushi Nakajima whose gift lets him turn into a white tiger. As Atsushi joins the Armed Detective Agency, the anime follows him on his journey to prove his worth by protecting the residents of Yokohama. 

- This article was updated on October 23rd, 2023

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