Is the Hell’s Paradise Manga Finished?

Learn here whether the Hell's Paradise manga is finished!

by J.R. Waugh
Hell's Paradise Manga Finished
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Hell’s Paradise has been an incredible visual journey for anime viewers since its premiere in the Spring 2023 season. It’s introduced us to deadly new characters who were tasked with the suicide mission of finding the Elixir of Life on Shinsenkyo, but the experience has been a real trip so far. Coupled with MAPPA’s increasingly beloved quality standards, the series has been a compelling story. But how much more source material is there to adapt, and is the Hell’s Paradise manga finished?

Is Hell’s Paradise Finished: Will There Be More Jigokuraku Chapters?

The Hell’s Paradise manga has been finished as of January 25, 2021. The anime, however, will only have adapted approximately 1/3 of its total 127 chapters by the end of its first season though, and there’s plenty of excitement to expect if the show winds up getting renewed.

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No, the series doesn’t have a 1000+ chapter catalog like other Shonen Jump series, but its advantage lies in its pacing. The anime has adapted strictly the manga source material, only mixing up the subplots a touch throughout the adaptation so far, no filler needed, and no bloat.

How Much More Hell’s Paradise Story in the Manga?

There are roughly 80+ chapters worth of unadapted material after the first season of Hell’s Paradise if the pacing keeps consistent. This could amount to 3 seasons worth of content, and more importantly, close out the current Lord Tensen Arc. The series, in total, consists of 4 main arcs, as listed below:

  • Island Arc
  • Lord Tensen Arc
  • Hōrai Arc
  • Departure Arc

We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of the story, too. The power of Tao is only about to be discovered in the anime, and numerous characters’ fantastic abilities have yet to be properly showcased. While it’s certainly not attained the prestige of other recent anime, it deserves closure, as its first season would otherwise simply not be enough. The manga, particularly the artwork, is arguably better than the anime, and that should say something.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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