MARRIAGETOXIN Manga Release Date Schedule 2023: When You Can Expect New Chapters

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by J.R. Waugh
Image: Mizuki Yoda / Shueisha / VIZ Media

Marriagetoxin is an interesting twist on a romantic comedy. While the idea of assassins finding somebody to marry isn’t completely foreign, this manga is a fresh take on it, with Hikaru Gero of the Poison Clan as its protagonist. Hikaru’s particular task is finding somebody to marry and thus carry on the Poison Clan legacy, so that his sister won’t have to shoulder the burden. With the series having over a year of content already, fans will want to know when they can expect new chapters. We’re here to help with this manga chapter release date schedule for Marriagetoxin!

Marriagetoxin Manga Chapter Release Schedule (2023)

Marriagetoxin is released weekly on Shonen Jump+ via Shueisha, and is available for English readers on Manga Plus! For those wanting to read the killer manga, it is all currently available to read free on the Manga Plus app or browser portal.

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However, like with certain manga series, this option might suddenly no longer be available, so read up while you can! Fans of Marriagetoxin can enjoy every release of the manga up to and beyond Chapter 56 at the moment.

For the full year of 2023’s releases, we have a schedule of anticipated chapters which we’ll keep updated regularly. We will keep readers posted on any author or publication hiatuses as well. Here is our anticipated release date schedule for Marriagetoxin!

ChapterRelease Date
32January 3, 2023
33January 10, 2023
34January 17, 2023
35January 24, 2023
36January 31, 2023
Bonus Chapter 6February 7, 2023
37February 14, 2023
38February 21, 2023
39February 28, 2023
Bonus Chapter 7March 7, 2023
40March 14, 2023
41March 21, 2023
42March 28, 2023
43April 4, 2023
Bonus Chapter 8April 11, 2023
44April 18, 2023
45April 25, 2023
46May 2, 2023
Bonus Chapter 9May 9, 2023
47May 16, 2023
48May 23, 2023
49May 30, 2023
50June 6, 2023
Bonus Chapter 10June 13, 2023
51June 20, 2023
52June 27, 2023
53July 4, 2023
54July 11, 2023
Bonus Chapter 11July 18, 2023
55July 25, 2023
56August 1, 2023
57August 8, 2023
58August 15, 2023
Bonus Chapter 12August 22, 2023
59August 29, 2023
60September 5, 2023
61September 12, 2023
62September 19, 2023
Bonus Chapter 13September 26, 2023
63October 3, 2023
64October 10, 2023
65October 17, 2023
66October 24, 2023
Bonus Chapter 14October 31, 2023
67November 7, 2023
68November 14, 2023
69November 21, 2023
Bonus Chapter 15November 28, 2023
70December 5, 2023
71December 12, 2023
72December 19, 2023

As you can see, the series is one of the most reliable release patterns in the industry. Every week seemingly gets at least a little something. The bonus chapters are released on a ~4-5 week basis instead of a regular chapter, so any deviations on this pattern will be adjusted. But this is a series you should be following, as it’s compelling, unique, and thrilling to read.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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