My Hero Academia — Armored All Might Explained

Everything you need to know about All Might’s Iron Man inspired armor.

by Areeba Khan
My Hero Academia — Armored All Might Explained
Image: Shueisha

My Hero Academia’s All Might proves that when there’s a will, there’s a way. Quirkless after passing his Quirk on to the series’ protagonist Izuku Midoriya, All Might comes up with a clever plan to confront All For One. 

With help from his friends in the States, the Symbol of Peace returns to the battlefield for one last fight, equipped with brand-new full-body armor. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Armored All Might

What is Up With All Might’s New Armor?

Fans got their first look at All Might’s new Iron Man-inspired armor in My Hero Academia’s Chapter 396. As a Quirkless All Might prepares to confront a de-aged All For One, he pulls out a high-tech suitcase that rapidly transforms into full-body armor. He names this form Armored All Might. 

Likely designed by Professor Dave’s daughter Melissa Shield, the power suit has a great resemblance to All Might’s signature Hero look when in his prime, complete with a cape, arm guards, and hair antennae. And serving as its support item is All Might’s equally high-tech car, Hercules. 

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Armored All Might Abilities 

Image: Shueisha

While unable to imitate One For All, the suit seems to have been engineered to imitate the Quirks of All Might’s students. Let’s cover all of its known abilities below!

  • Blackwhip: Based on Midoriya’s use of Daigoro Banjo’s Quirk, Blackwhip shoots a bunch of cables from All Might’s gauntlets.
  • Chargebolt: Blackwhip’s cables are capable of conducting electricity, a move inspired by Denki Kaminari.
  • Cellophane: The cables retract like Sero Hanta’s tapes.
  • Sugar Man: A Sato-inspired contraption that likely boosts All Might’s strength.
  • Shoot Style Smash: Kick-based attacks reminiscent of Deku’s with some help from the suit.
  • Dark Shadow: Named after Tokoyami, the Utility Cape’s Auto-Guard feature lets it serve as a defensive shield.
  • Tentacole Plus: Clearly inspired by Shoji, four mechanical tentacle arms sprout from the suit’s back.
  • Froppy Suction Pads: The tentacle arms bear Froppy-inspired suction pads at their ends to let All Might stick to surfaces. 
  • Shoto: A flamethrower-like contraption clearly inspired by everyone’s favorite Todoroki. 
  • Tailman: A tail-like mechanical arm inspired by Ojiro.
  • Anima: Based on Koji Koda’s Quirk, Anima summons mechanical birds to serve as reinforcements.
  • Red Riot: Hercules turns into a shield powerful enough to withstand a skyscraper-cutting hit from All For One. 
  • Explosion: All Might intended to use this Bakugo-inspired ability to blow up both himself and All For One. 

While these are all the abilities we see before the suit is destroyed, it’s possible All Might had more tricks up his sleeve that he simply didn’t get the chance to use.

- This article was updated on October 20th, 2023

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