Oshi no Ko Chapter 124 Leaks, Raw Scans, and Rumors Continue to Trouble Fans

*banjo music intensifies*

by J.R. Waugh
Oshi no Ko Chapter 124 Leaks Rumors
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Oshi no Ko has been on a roll lately in generating buzz. Well past the state of the anime blowing us away in the Spring 2023 season, now we’ve been treated to a barrage of social media posts about one thing and one thing only: the Aqua-Ruby connection. Despite the series continuously lampooning the sort of connection being teased by the last couple of chapters, the rumor mill churns once more. With the leaks for Oshi no Ko Chapter 124, rumors begin spinning once more that maybe Aqua could turn to a different sort of dark side.

Oshi no Ko Leaks for Chapter 124 Continue Aqua and Ruby Rumors

A seemingly legit panel is showing Aqua and Ruby in a (sfw) compromising position according to Oshi no Ko Chapter 124 leaks. Specifically, Ruby is in Aqua’s lap while he reads. Whether this is imagined or not, it’s all lost to speculation until Wednesday.

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It all feels very high school, but when news keeps breaking online with screengrabs from a limited amount of the new chapter, you can’t help but get swept up in the discussion.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 124 Leaks, Raw Scans, and Early Reviews Sound Like the Characters Are Using the Aqua-Ruby Bond to Their Advantage

People are commenting on whether this means anything beyond the surface level. Reputable leaker @xDonutW relays additional context, making it sound like they’re just getting along better. It’s suggested that this closeness be used to promote themselves on Instagram by MEM. Conversely, Kana is grossed out by how close they are, and she echoes Ruby’s words about Aqua having a sister complex.

So we must wait patiently on more information as it becomes available. Taking this sort of thing out of context has resulted in some pretty depraved memes already, and you can practically hear the banjos plucking if you search Twitter, even briefly, on the topic.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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