How Old is MEM in Oshi no Ko?

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by J.R. Waugh
How Old is MEM in Oshi no Ko Anime
Images: Doga Kobo / Shueisha, Remixed by Attack of the Fanboy

MEM-Cho is a more recent addition to the Oshi no Ko anime but is a long-established character in the manga. She’s an established social media presence, with a large following on YouTube, and TikTok, and recently got recruited for the B-Komachi revival in the anime. The character is engaging, savvy, and smart, resulting in many Oshi no Ko fans declaring her an underrated favorite. But how old is MEM in Oshi no Ko?

[SPOILERS] How Old is MEM-Cho in the Oshi no Ko Anime?

In the Oshi no Ko anime, as revealed in the First Concert Arc on Episode 9, MEM is 25, having lied and publicly pretending she is 18. Given the series’ connection to lies, it’s puzzling that this hasn’t resulted in stars in the eyes. Perhaps it’s the nature and depth of the reason, but she fudged the numbers big time.

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MEM lied about her age after being unable to pursue her dreams of becoming an idol when she was younger. Much like Aqua and Ruby, she was also a fan of Ai. Growing up with a single mother and 2 brothers, however, it was difficult being able to focus on this dream. While her mother encouraged her to rehearse and audition anyway, MEM’s mother overworked herself to support her family, resulting in MEM having to take on multiple jobs to support her family.

By this point, MEM had turned 23, ostensibly too old to be a new idol. She was seen as too old to pursue her original dream, and became a live streamer instead, using the white lie of being a high schooler despite still being on temporary leave.

MEM quickly rose to fame this way and found herself in too deep, while also successfully securing a spot on the same dating reality show Aqua and Akane were on. MEM’s story won the sympathy of her fellow B-Komachi members, making her an easy addition. “After all, there’s no stopping someone’s longing!”

[SPOILERS] What is MEM’s Age in the Oshi no Ko Manga?

Images: Doga Kobo / Shueisha, Remixed by Attack of the Fanboy

MEM is currently 27 as of the most recent Movie Arc which started at Chapter 109 in the Oshi no Ko manga. As the plot progresses, the characters have each aged and grown in their respective roles.

While MEM is more firmly a supporting character whose age gap with the rest of the cast is played up for laughs, she is also highly sympathetic among the fans. Some people don’t get to attain their dreams until they’re much older than they expected.

- This article was updated on June 16th, 2023

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