All Oshi no Ko Arcs in Order

A journey through all facets of the entertainment industry.

by J.R. Waugh
Oshi no Ko Story Arcs
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Oshi no Ko is a stellar anime and manga series from the mind of Aka Akasaka, brought to life by Mengo Yokoyari. It is a surprisingly deep and poignant story with supernatural and crime drama elements as a nice twist. While the central plot revolves around investigating and avenging the murder of pop idol Ai Hoshino, the story takes the cast on a fascinating journey. The Oshi no Ko story arcs enable us to see the entertainment world from the starry eyes of Aqua and Ruby, as they make a name for themselves and honor their mother.

What Are the Story Arcs of Oshi no Ko?

The main plot begins after a poignant prologue beautifully told in Episode 1 of the Oshi no Ko anime, while the manga does so from Chapters 1-10. Beyond this, we see a time skip where Gorou, Ai’s doctor reincarnated into the body of her son, Aqua, goes into the entertainment industry to identify his father and the culprit behind Ai’s murder.

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The ensuing story arcs concern different arenas of entertainment the siblings go through, such as TV dramas, dating shows, stage plays, and even movies. The story arcs for Oshi no Ko are listed below:

Story ArcManga ChaptersAnime Episodes
Entertainment World11-202-5
Dating Reality Show21-32TBD
The First Concert33-40TBD
2.5D Stage Play41-66TBD
The Main Story81-100TBD

While it’s unclear whether we’ll get another season or cour of Oshi no Ko, the common consensus among viewers is that it’s a high-quality anime drama with a lot to offer. It’s a great reason to consider a HIDIVE subscription, as well. The anime typically adapts 3 chapters from the manga at a time, with the story arcs varying in length.

The 2.5D Stage Play arc is currently the longest of the series, as it had the most compelling concept until the Movie arc, and forced Aqua further out of his comfort zone as an actor than ever before. One neat part about that arc, in particular, is the meta-commentary on manga creators, and just how many times a story changes hands before it’s turned into a script for an adaptation.

In fact, much of the series enables us to look at the entertainment industry in an often satirical sense, seeing our preconceptions about dying sectors of the industry turned on their head, and other seedy elements put fully on display. While the identity of the culprit behind Ai’s killing at this point has been revealed, he has not been brought to justice yet, and we’re along for the ride, however long it takes.

- This article was updated on April 29th, 2023

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