Where Can You Read the My Hero Academia Manga?

Here’s where to officially read the My Hero Academia manga!

by Areeba Khan
Where Can You Read the My Hero Academia Manga?
Image: Kohei Horikoshi

My Hero Academia’s anime has been a worldwide success and with the story at such a pivotal point, many fans may be looking to read ahead in the manga instead of waiting for the anime to catch up.

Maybe that’s you, or maybe you’re just looking to reread your favorite chapters. Whatever the case, here’s where to read the My Hero Academia manga officially.

Where Can You Read My Hero Academia Officially?

Fans can read all the currently released chapters of My Hero Academia through either VIZ’s official site or the official Shonen Jump Manga and Comics app. If these services aren’t available in your region, you can read all the chapters officially through the globally available Manga Plus. New chapters are released every Sunday simultaneously with Japan at 10 AM CT / 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET.

For those using the MangaPlus app, you can view all the available My Hero Academia chapters for free, but only once. If you wish to view a chapter more than once, you’ll have to subscribe for a membership. This restriction does not apply to the first three and the latest three chapters of the manga. You can also read My Hero Academia’s manga for free on the Manga Plus website, although the site only has the first three and the latest three chapters available.

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In Which Manga Chapter did the Sixth Season of the Anime End? 

My Hero Academia’s season six ends at chapter 328 of the manga, called No Man Is an Island. If you’d like to know the story beyond this point, check out the manga from chapter 329.

Of course, there is also value in reading the manga from the beginning and if you have the time, we highly recommend doing so. Kohei Horikoshi’s art style is something special, and there are also a couple of minor differences between the two mediums.

- This article was updated on October 31st, 2023

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