All Costumes in The Masked Singer Season 10 (So Far)

Here are all of the costumed contestants who will be hitting the stage in The Masked Singer Season 10.

by Drew Kopp
Image: FOX

Previews for the 10th season of the long-running reality singing contest The Masked Singer have given audiences a sneak preview of the new set of anonymous costumed vocalists slated to take the stage. The quality of the contestants’ costumes has always been one of The Masked Singer‘s greatest strengths, and Season 10 gave us an impressive collection of glorious garments to marvel at. Here are all the costumes we’ve seen so far in the 10th season of The Masked Singer.

Every Costume in The Masked Singer Season 10


Image: FOX

While the first episode of The Masked Singer‘s 10th season isn’t air until September 27th, 2023, a special preview episode aired on September 10th gave audiences a look at what’s to come. This sneak-peak episode kicked things with a bang with the introduction of Anonymouse, a non-competitive participant who managed to win over The Masked Singer‘s evergreen panel of judges by delivering a stellar performance of Heart’s “What About Love?”

Anonymous’s costume perfectly reflected their name and associated connotations, taking the form of an anthropomorphic mouse adjourned in the iconic garb of the punk subgenre, complete with a spiked leather jacket, a pink skirt, and a pair of combat boots. The costume itself served as one of the most significant hints of Anonymouse’s true identity, as the mysterious rodent was eventually revealed to be famed singer and songwriter Demi Lovato, who got her start on the Dinsey Channel original movie Camp Rock!

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All Other Costumes in The Masked Singer Season 10

Sixteen contestants will be taking to the stage in The Masked Singer Season 10, and all of them will be decked out in costumes that are as elaborate as they are creative. While we don’t know all sixteen performers, a few have been unveiled in official previews. Here’s a round-up of all the costumes revealed for The Masked Singer Season 10.

  • Diver
  • Donut
  • Hawk
  • Hibiscus
  • S’More
  • An unnamed cow wearing glasses
  • The Cuddle Monster,

What Else is New With The Masked Singer Season 10?

The Masked Singer’s 10th season will be a balance of returning elements and new additions. The show’s format will follow the pattern set by previous seasons. Still, it will shake things up by placing the performers into two teams facing off in a Battle-Royal in the season’s penultimate episode. The 10th season will also bring back Wild Card Contestants, which are surprise competitors who join after the first episode. The semi-final battle Royal will also make the return of “Ding Dong Keep It On,” which allows judges to spare a contestant from elimination and automatically move them to the finals.

- This article was updated on September 11th, 2023

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