All Wheel of Time Books in Order

Here's how to read one of literature's greatest fantasy epics in order.

by Drew Kopp
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Amazon’s adaptation of Robert Jodran’s high-fantasy epic The Wheel of Time is back for a second season, and it’s already drawing a much bigger audience than the first. While the series does an excellent job of bringing Jordan’s magical and mysterious world to life on-screen, it’s a free sample compared to the full-course meal you’ll get when you read the original novels the series is based on. We know how to read The Wheel of Time series in order, so keep reading if the television series has gotten you in the mood to experience one of the greatest literary sagas ever written.

The Best Wheel of Time Book Series Read Order

One of the best things about the Wheel of Time series is that while its overarching narrative plays out over decades and follows an expansive cast of characters, its story unfolds in clear, linear order, barring a single prequel book. This means you don’t have to jump between books too much to experience events in the order the author intended, making it a much smoother read than other long-running fantasy series like The Witcher, which likes to experiment with non-linearity. Here’s how to read the Wheel of Time series in chronological order.

  • New Spring
  • The Eye of the World
  • The Great Hunt
  • The Dragon Reborn
  • The Shadow Rising
  • The Fires of Heaven
  • Lord of Chaos
  • A Crown of Swords
  • A Path of Daggers
  • Winter’s Heart
  • Crossroads of Twilight
  • Knife of Dreams
  • The Gathering Storm
  • The Towers of Midnight
  • A Dream of Light

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Why is Brandon Sanderson’s Name on Some Wheel of Time Books?

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Eagled-eyed readers diving into The Wheel of Time books will probably notice that critically acclaimed fantasy author Brandon Sanderson is listed as the co-author of the final three Wheel of Time books. That’s because, sadly, Robert Jordan passed away before he could finish the last installments of the series, which were meant to be one single volume. Fortunately, Sanderson, an outspoken fan of the Wheel of Time, was brought in to finish the series, utilizing extensive notes left behind by Jordan to complete the final books and ensure that the epic tale of the Dragon Reborn and the Dark One ended the way Jordon envisioned.

Where Can I Read the Wheel of Time Series?

The Wheel of Time series is available on Amazon, but you can also find complete editions in most bookstore chains, including Books-a-Million and Barnes & Noble. Frankly, the only real issue you’ll run into is finding space to put all the books since they average several hundred pages long.

- This article was updated on September 18th, 2023

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