Loki Season 2 Multiverse Explained: What to Expect, Questions & Theories

Loki is back for season 2 and the multiverse is in shambles!

by Kiona Jones
loki season 2 multiverse
Image: Marvel Studios

The multiverse is back for season 2 of Loki, so now’s the perfect time to explain how it’s throwing everything into complete disarray. Morbius doesn’t remember Loki. . . or does he? Loki seems to be zapping between two different versions of the TVA with no end in sight. Also, where the heck is Sylvie?

Loki season 1 revealed that a Kang variant named He Who Remains was the true creator of the TVA. Even more shocking? Its employees were originally plucked from other timelines and put to work with no memory of their past. While Loki is running around like a headless chicken trying to solve his own multiverse predicament, they’re caught in one of their own.

Loki Season 2 Multiverse Expectations

In classic MCU form, the trailer for Loki season 2 is as thrilling as it is baffling. Something is wrong with Loki, and Mobius is trying to save him. Meanwhile, the multiverse is still unraveling due to Sylvie murdering He Who Remains, and the results are as off-the-wall as you might expect.

Hunter B-15 has joined in on the hijinks and we’ll finally see her outside of her element. The trailer shows her jumping through time with Loki and Mobius. To what end? We don’t know. Season 2, episode 1, “Ouroboros” left us with more questions than answers. Speaking of which. . .

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Loki Season 2 Questions

Image: Marvel Studios

What happened to the timelines of the multiverse?

General Dox was one of many TVA agents who refused to believe they’d been lied to by Ravonna Renslayer and the Time Keepers. So, she led a rebel force in using time doors to prune the new branches of the timeline. Leaving millions dead is only the tip of the iceberg of how this devastating event will impact the rest of Loki season 2.

Where is Miss Minutes?

Renslayer showed her true colors and took off last season. But Miss Minutes has been strangely absent from her post in season 2. The TVA is falling further into disarray. We’re no closer to finding out where they’ve been since the multiverse fell apart. Without Miss Minutes, though, things are going to get a lot worse.

Fan Theories for Loki Season 2

Image: Marvel Studios

While this new episode has left us with even more questions, it’s also sparked some cool theories. The most prominent is about the shiny object Sylvie was holding just before the end credits rolled. We’re not talking about its identity since it’s clearly the time bangle of He Who Remains.

The real theories come in when fans try to figure out why she has it. She might be trying to save the version of Broxton, OK that she’s come to call home. If she’s planning on destroying the TVA, then she did a terrible job what with all those heroics alongside Loki and Mobius.

Whatever she has planned will either make her a problem or an ally in this fight. Loki season 2 can only keep fans hanging in suspense for so long before we start getting antsy. The next episode won’t wrap up the multiverse dilemma, but at least we can still fawn over how cool it is to have Ke Huy Quan in the cast.

- This article was updated on October 13th, 2023

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