Who Are Star Wars’ Mortis Gods, the Father, the Brother, and the Sister?

This mysterious trio are some of the most influential beings in the Star Wars universe... and they may be essential to it's future.

by Drew Kopp
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The eighth and final episode of Ahsoka, “The Jedi, the Witch, and the Warlord,” answered almost every question raised at the start of the series, with one notable exception. By the time the credits roll, the plans of the fallen Jedi Knight Baylon Skoll are left unrevealed, but a hint is hidden in plain sight in the form of the statues carved into the cliffs he ends the series on. These statues represent the Gods of Mortis, a trio of god-like beings tied to the early history of the Star Wars universe. Here is everything you need to know about Star Wars‘ Gods of Mortis.

Who are the Father, the Son, and the Daughter?

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The Gods of Mortis, also known as “the Ones,” were featured in three episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, “Overlords,” “Altar of Mortis,” and “Ghosts of Mortis.” The Ones are godly beings who manifest as a family of three: the radiant and benevolent Daughter, the shadowy and destructive Son, and the twilit and wise Father. Each of the Ones corresponds with one aspect of the Force, with the Daughter embodying the Light Side, the Son personifying the Dark Side, and the Father representing the balance between them.

As their epithet implies, the Ones made their home on Mortis, a mysterious planet that acted as a conduit through which the Force flowed into the greater galaxy. During the “Mortis Arc,” Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ahsoka to Mortis by a dying Father, who hoped to convince Anakin to assume his place and keep the Daughter and Son in check. Things didn’t go according to plan, and the Father, Son, and Daughter all ended up dying after the Son corrupted Ahoka as part of a scheme to claim his parent’s throne.

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What is the Connection Between Baylon and The Ones?

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While the Ones have rarely been mentioned directly since their debut, the final moments of Ahsoka‘s finale make it clear that they are somehow tied to Baylon’s mysterious agenda. Throughout Ahsoka, Baylon repeatedly claimed that something or someone was calling out to him, and his positioning on the pointing hand of the Father’s statue is too evocative of an image to be a mere coincidence. Given his unique portrayal as a Dark Side user who has not entirely abandoned the Light, Baylon (or the mysterious entity whispering into his ear) may be planning to assume the Father’s position as the gatekeeper of the Force.

If Baylon is scheming to exert his influence over the flow of the Dark and Light side of the Force, then it sets him up as an existential threat to the galaxy. With Ahsoka stranded on Peridea with him, the next phase of Anakin Skywalker’s old pupil’ may’s journey will force her to dive deeper into the nature of the Force than any Jedi who came before her to save the galaxy from a man who wishes to be a god.

- This article was updated on October 4th, 2023

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