Who are the Civilians and Inmates in Love During Lockup Season 5?

Will the civilians and inmates in Season 5 of Love During Lockup truly find love, or is their relationships merely a con?

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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WE tv’s Love During Lockup Season 5 is returning with eight one-hour episodes. The show will premiere on Friday, July 21st, at 9 pm ET/8 pm CT, and new episodes will also be available on the AMC streaming service ALLBLK every Tuesday. Love During Lockup 2023 follows the journey of six couples navigating the early stages of their romance with a prisoner. They face unique challenges, from sending money to going on video dates and visits and dealing with the frustrations of the prison system. Here are all Civilians and Inmates in Love During Lockup Season 5 whose love lives we will explore.

Love During Lockup 2023: Meet the Civilians and Inmates

Image: Sharp Entertainment

Here are the six Civilians and Inmates in Love During Lockup Season 5:

  • Latisha and Keith
  • Jade and Chris
  • Raneka and Asonta
  • Britney and Kerok
  • Savannah and Jake
  • Brittney and Andy

Latisha and Keith – Davenport, IA

Latisha recently got out of a marriage and was looking forward to living a single life. However, she was caught off guard when she unexpectedly fell in love with Keith. This shocked her friends and colleagues, as Latisha had initially only intended to be Keith’s pen pal. Despite her initial skepticism, Keith managed to win her over. Now, the question remains – will their relationship survive the challenges that life may throw their way?

Jade and Chris – Naples, FL

Jade, a former flight attendant, is constantly seeking new adventures in life. Her quest led her to browse an inmate pen pal site, where she serendipitously stumbled upon Chris, a Native American and member of the Prairie Island Indian Community in Minnesota. After dating for seven months, the couple decided to tie the knot. Being a shareholder in his tribe’s casino, Chris has been spoiling Jade with lavish and unexpected gifts, affording her a life of luxury. But Jade’s younger sister, Jessica, begins to wonder whether Jade’s affection for Chris is genuine or driven by his wealth.

Raneka and Asonta – Smyrna, GA,

Meet Raneka, an energetic rapper and entrepreneur who recently relocated to Atlanta, GA, with her two children to be closer to her partner, Asonta. Taking a considerable risk, she sent him $1,000 a month from her cosmetic business, hoping for a brighter future with him. However, tension arises as Raneka’s family is not convinced that Asonta is the right partner for her, claiming that he talks to other women. Despite this, Raneka remains optimistic and is determined to pursue her dreams of a successful rap career and a sparkly rock on her finger. Will her aspirations come true?

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Britney and Kerok – Richmond, VA

Britney and her fiancé, Kerok, met while serving time in prison. After three years, Britney was released but is now waiting for Kerok’s release. Kerok identified as male and began transitioning two years ago while incarcerated in a female facility, but the C.O.s mishandled his medications and schedules. Britney is currently attending beauty school and living with Kerok’s family. She also wants to start IVF treatment. Although the couple has overcome past infidelity and rebuilt their relationship, the question remains: will their bond stay strong? What secrets might come to light with friends and family enlisted as spies and shake up their happiness?

Savannah and Jake – Iowa City, IA

Savannah wanted to prepare for her theater role, so she sought out prison wives on Facebook and was introduced to Jake. They exchanged messages and hit it off. Since meeting Jake, Savannah has become a strong supporter of prison reform. However, Jake is worried about Savannah’s jealousy and clinginess as he finishes serving his sentence. The distance is taking a toll on their relationship as they struggle with trust issues. Can they trust each other enough for the next five years?

Brittney and Andy – Rome, GA

Andy had a hard time adapting to modern dating after his second divorce. He turned to writing to female inmates on a pen pal website to try it out. Being an ex-cop, he was concerned about being judged, but those fears dissipated when he met Brittney, his new love. However, their families met their relationship with skepticism due to their different backgrounds – one a con and the other a cop. Andy’s children disapprove of his relationship with Brittney, forcing him to choose between his kids and his dream girl.

You can view the super teaser on YouTube for information on what to expect from this season!

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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