2010 Best Year Ever for Xbox 360

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With the many successes that the company has had in 2010 with the Xbox 360 brand, Microsoft reported today that this year was the biggest in the brand’s history.  Interactive Entertainment Business Head, Dennis Durkin spoke at the Credit Suisse Technology Conference.

We’ve had nice stair steps in terms of growth every year sequentially getting bigger than the previous year, and this year is going to be our biggest year ever.  “I want to make money on things that we sell. I think the business of subsidizing things is a historical artifact. And so, for us, it’s about making money and extracting value for the things that we’re building.

“I think with the pieces that we have today now in our hardware platform, in our Live ecosystem, and now with Kinect, and the new input paradigm that you have with Kinect, we think we have a real opportunity to have a five to ten-year major growth spurt within our business and space

Then again, since these tech conferences are put on by investment banks only trying to rope in new customers to buy their worthless pieces of paper, you can’t really expect him to come out and say much else, now can you?

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