2K Gives Reason Why WWE 2K16 Has The Biggest Roster

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2K Games has now explained why this year they decided to have the biggest ever roster in a WWE video game with WWE 2K16.

GAME interviewed Bryce Yang who is the Marketing Director for WWE 2K16. He gave a reason why 2K Games decided to make this year’s game have such a large roster.

Yang said one of the reasons they overdelivered this year was because fans and critics felt that WWE 2K15 had a “smaller” roster than usual.

Based on feedback received from all gamers, they loved the large rosters that were present in the older games. 2K Games then decided to “overdeliver on the roster” this year.

Yang describes having a huge roster is really hard work. This is because each wrestler has unique moves, taunts, and different entrances too.

Despite having such a huge roster, WWE 2K16 is still sadly going to be missing several wrestlers on the current roster.  It’s been known for a few weeks now that Sasha Banks, Bayley, Charlotte and Bayley will not be in the game at all.

The only thing fans can do is create them since they’ve re-added Create-A-Diva back into the new game. This feature was oddly removed in WWE 2K15 for some reason.

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