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2K Sports Reveal NBA 2K15 Face Scan Halloween Masks

by Damian Seeto


Remember how ugly the face scans were for some people in NBA 2K15? Well now you can print out those ugly faces to use for your Halloween costume.

The official NBA 2K15 Facebook page has uploaded eight different masks for you to print out. There are faces that look very hideous, but will be awesome to use for a Halloween costume. The face that has its skin peeling off is probably the best one. There is also a guy with green skin and one person that has a nose bigger than Triple H from WWE.

All you have to do to become an ugly NBA 2K15 face scan is download the images and print them out. Cut around the head and also leave some space for your eyes to see. You can also attach some piece of string around it so you can wear it. 2K Sports also suggested you could just use a stick a ruler to attach the mask on. That way you can use hold it in your hand to scare people with, if you don’t feel like wearing on your face.

2K Sports has released an update for NBA 2K15 that will avoid you having ugly face scans. They were fun while that lasted, and it’s good to see 2K Sports saw a funny side to their own glitch.

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