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$399 Xbox One: “Don’t believe everything you read,” says Microsoft

by William Schwartz


Rumors about a $399 Xbox One hit the web last week, but according to Microsoft’s Chief of Staff for devices and studios, it looks like they could be false.    Aaron Greenberg told inquiring fans that they shouldn’t believe everything they read on the internet.

When asked about the validity of the $399 Xbox One rumor, Greenberg shot down the claims.

“No, you cannot believe everything you read on the internet,” said Greenberg.

The rumors which started last week do make some sense though.  If Microsoft indeed finds themselves in a position where Sony is outselling the Xbox One with the PlayStation 4 and they see price as the major factor, it would be smart for them to lower to price of the console.   How they get to a lower priced Xbox One is anyone’s guess.  Removing features like a Blu-Ray drive, or the Kinect, would take careful implementation.

As Michael Pachter weighed in on the rumors last week, “Although a $399 Xbox One would make the console price competitive with the PS4, we are skeptical that the new model would be popular. In our view, of the two $399 options, the PS4 would be the more popular, as it would include a disc drive, giving the purchaser the option of trading in or selling his games when he chooses,” according to Pachter.    ”More importantly, we think this product has the potential to create a consumer backlash against Microsoft as being gamer unfriendly.”

- This article was updated on:February 2nd, 2014

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