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Is $499 too much for Xbox One?


Is $499 too much to pay for the Xbox One?  According to Microsoft it isn’t.  Following the console’s E3 2013 reveal, and Sony’s subsequent undercutting with the PS4 price announcement, many started to question whether Microsoft is charging to much for “The One” at $499.   Microsoft’s Don Mattrick thinks that the price is spot on, and that the company is “over-delivering value” at that level.

Speaking in an interview on Bloomberg, the Microsoft executive explained the company’s stance on being the most expensive machine for the next-generation.

“We’re over-delivering value against other choices I think consumers can get.  Any modern product these days you look at it and $499 isn’t a ridiculous price point… We’re delivering thousands of dollars of value to people, so I think they’re going to love it when they use it.  We’re really making the living room your center of fun for your family.”

While $499 might not be an exorbitant price for consumers to stomach, the policies that Microsoft is introducing on the new system seem to be the major sticking points for most.  As Microsoft looks to usher in an era of entertainment delivered through digital channels, they’re implementing many features that are seen as anti-consumer measures.

- This article was updated on:February 20th, 2018