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99.9% Of Planets In No Man’s Sky Won’t Be Visited, Dev Says

by Mike Guarino


We knew from the very beginning that No Man’s Sky was going to be a truly massive game with an amount of content that most probably wouldn’t even get to all of, but now developer Hello Games has driven home that point even more.

Speaking to IGN, Hello Games’ Sean Murray said that “That’s a big part of exploring a world is knowing where things are and we normally find that players kind of make almost like a little temporary base on their planet. They learn landmarks around them, where they can get certain things, where caves are, buildings are and where certain resources are on the planet.”

He goes on to say “When you land on a planet, like I said, no one has been there before. There is no YouTube video that you can look up, there is no FAQ, so you have to discover it for yourself. A big part of it is you can scan creatures, and when you scan them, you can name them…It’s actually a slightly sad but amazing thing that 99.9 percent of the planets in No Man’s Sky I think will probably never be visited.”

No Man’s Sky is set to launch for PlayStation 4 and PC on June 21st.

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