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You can add more Halo 4 Pre-order bonuses to the list

by William Schwartz


Halo 4 Pre-order bonuses were revealed earlier this week, and today a handful more have been revealed on the Halo Waypoint Blog. If you plan on pre-ordering the shooter, you’ll have multiple bonuses to choose from depending on where you decide to plunk your cash down.

343 explained the pre-order bonuses by clarifying on armor skins, making sure players know that there is no “locked” armor types reserved for pre-orders.  Instead, the skins are customizable as far as colors go in specific game modes.   As you can see in the image gallery below, there are also skins for weapons, and unique emblems to be had, depending on where you pre-order from.

Halo 4 is due out this November, exclusively on the Xbox 360.

Halo 4 Pre-order Bonuses

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