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Age of Empires IV Announced at Gamescom

by Jennifer Locke


During Microsoft’s Age of Empires live show at Gamescom 2017, the company announced a brand new title coming to the series, Age of Empires IV. This comes over ten years after Age of Empire III’s release in 2005.

Age of Empires IV is set to release for Windows 10 and is being developed by Relic Entertainment, the developer behind Homeworld and Warhammer 40,000. Details are scarce, but Microsoft encourages players to keep up to date on information provided through the game’s website.  As of now, Microsoft says that they are excited to be working with Relic Entertainment and can’t wait for fans to see their unique contribution to the franchise. Relic certainly has decades of experience crafting RTS games, so the series should be in good hands.

The teaser trailer does not reveal a whole lot, but it does pan across multiple civilizations during times of strife and turmoil, setting the tone for Age of Empires IV. We see everything from Roman soldiers and medieval knights to Native Americans and revolutionary fighters.

Fans have been teased with the possibility of a new Age of Empires entry for months now, however only Age of Empires: Definitive Edition was revealed at E3 this year. Today, the company also announced Definitive Editions for Age of Empires II and III as well, stating that they couldn’t just relaunch one. In addition, Microsoft revealed that Age of Empires: Definitive Edition will be launching on October 19, 2017.

Fans may be waiting a while for Age of Empires IV as a release date has not yet been announced.

Age of Empires IV Announce Trailer

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