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Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Jungle Book Games Now Available Exclusively On GOG

by Mike Guarino


While games based on movies typically aren’t the best you can find out there, a lot of the classic platformers from the 16-bit era of gaming were actually great. GOG has just revealed that they have added three of these games to their exclusive library, updating them to run on modern hardware but keeping the core of the games untouched.

The three games in question are Aladdin, The Lion King and The Jungle Book, which are all available exclusively through GOG right now. You can currently get them each fro $8.99 ($9.99 after the sale ends), or you can get them all together for a discounted price of $19.99.

They claim that these games have been “meticulously updated to be compatible with modern operating systems while preserving the original graphics, sound, and gameplay,” which is necessary considering hardcore fans would have a heart attack otherwise.

“Relive the Retro! and Disney have teamed up to bring three beloved 16-bit classic games to a new generation,” reads the announcement trailer’s description. “Survive the Cave of Wonders, swing past the Monkey Puzzle, and drive King Louie bananas!”

You can purchase these games through GOG right here, and you can check out the announcement trailer for these games through the video below.

- This article was updated on:August 4th, 2016

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