All Owl Locations in Tales of Arise

by Kara Phillips


Even though Tales of Arise is home to incredible combat and breathtaking landscapes, one of the main appeals of the title is its horde of cute owls to track down. The affectionately titled “Hootles” are scattered across the entire map and offer some equally adorable rewards for any eager adventurer. Read on to find out where you can locate every single owl.

Where to Find Every Owl in Tales of Arise

There are 38 Owls to locate in Tales of Arise, but each is more than willing to reward the player for their hard work. Owls can be found indoors or outdoors, which may make the possibilities endless of where they are hiding, but the help of Rinwell’s Hootle will make the process a lot easier.

If you enter a location where an owl is nearby, Hootle will appear once when you enter and again when you’re near the owl. Additionally, you’ll be able to hear hooting as you approach an owl, which is a pretty solid tell-tale sign that one is near.

In return for finding an owl, you’ll receive an in-game cosmetic accessory that any player within the outfits menu can equip. However, as you progress through the game, owls will begin to reward artifacts instead. The table below lists every owl, their location within Tales of Arise, and the reward they present upon being found.

Owl Number Location Reward
1 Sandinus Ravine Dog Tail
2 Ulzebek Rabbit Ears
3 Iglia Wastes Spotted Cat Ears
4 Kyrd Garrison Cat Tail
5 Mosgul Monocle
6 Trench of Flames: Castle Gates Dog Ears
7 3F Glanymede Castle Rabbit Tail
8 Trench of Flames: Gates of Fire Bandage (Left)
9 Lacerda Cliffs Frame Glasses
10 White Silver Plains Eyepatch (Left)
11 Messia 224 Wolf Ears
12 Nevira Snowplains Wolf Tail
13 Cysloden Alley Sunglasses
14 2F Riville Prison Tower Devil Horns
15 Frozen Valley Half Frames
16 Overseer Hill Red Tropical Corsage
17 Traslida Highway Devil Wings
18 Viscint Halo
19 The Kitchen in Autelina Palace Crown
20 Tietal Plain Giggle Glasses
21 Talka Pond Road Devil Tail
22 Niez Red Rose Corsage
23 Aqfotle Hills Retro Sunglasses
24 Adan Lake Angry Glasses
25 Adan Ruins Angel Wings
26 Level 2 of the Ship Interior in Mobile Fortress Gradia Butterfly Wings
27 Tuah Seashore Eyepatch (Right)
28 Thistlym Star Hair Clip
29 Shinefall Woods Bandage (Right)
30 Lavtu Marshlands Swirly Glasses
31 4F Del Fharis Castle, Central Entrance Plaza Hootle Doll
32 Pelegion Level 2 Sad Glasses
33 Iglia Wastes (During the “Discover all Owls quest”) Vivid Sphere
34 Glanymede Castle, Lord’s Chamber (During the “Discover all Owls quest”) Battle Maidens Shield
35 Riville Prison Chamber’s Hidden Tower (During the “Discover all Owls quest”) Broken Machine Gun
36 Del Fharis Castle, Lord’s Chamber (During the “Discover all Owls quest”) Trident
37 Autelina Place, Guard’s Room (During the “Discover all Owls quest”) Ancient Excavator
38 Uninhabited Island (During the “Discover all Owls quest”) Metal Miner’s Cap

Tales of Arise is available on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC.

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