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Tales of Arise: How to Get to Owl Forest

Where to find the Owl Forest in Tales of Arise.

by Adam Braunstein


Tales of Arise is one of the year’s best games and it’s in part not only to fantastic combat but because of the side activities available as well. One of these activities is collecting owls. Throughout the game, you will find these cute little birds all over the place and they will be alerted to you by your trusty companion Hootle. Whenever Hootle hoots, you know one of his friends are nearby and they all come bearing cool accessories to customize your characters with. First things first though, we need to actually get to Owl Forest before any of this hunting can begin.

How to Get to Owl Forest


Early on in the game, you will pass into a snow-covered area called Nevia Snowplains. Once here, you will automatically receive the Sub-Quest called “The Owl Forest”. Once you receive the quest, follow your marker on the minimap to discover a hidden cove of greens away from the frozen wasteland and it is here you will meet the Owl King. Once inside, you meet the Owl King and Queen and they will task you with finding 32 Owls to start your Owl collecting journey.

Where Are All of the Owls?

In the Owl Forest, you will notice there are colored trees all around you. This is not just to look nice as each of them represents an area in the game where you can find owls. Red is for Calaglia, Blue is for Cyslodia, Yellow is for Menancia, Green is for Mahag Saar, and Purple is for Ganath Haros. Each time you collect the max amount of owls per area, the tree will deliver you a message that says “This perch seems to be full.” Once this happens, you know you can cross that realm off the list when it comes to your owl search.

What Gifts Do the Owls Give?


As you find more and more owls, they will give you better and better gear. For example, the very first owl you find will give you a Dog Tail and owl number 33 will give you a Battle Maiden’s Shield. This gives you the incentive to collect as many as possible as while the majority are just cosmetic, others can really help you in combat.


Rinwell in particular is a huge benefactor when it comes to collecting owls. The reason why is that she has an unlockable skill that multiplies her elemental attack power by how many owls are collected. While she isn’t the strongest character you can have in your party to start, collecting enough owls can turn her into one of the most devastating characters in the game, so if she’s one you plan on having on the frontlines in battle with you, definitely start collecting those owls!

Remember, Hootle is your owl radar here and whenever he chimes in, you should freeze immediately and check your surroundings. You need to make eye contact with an owl before it activates and sometimes it can be hiding right above your head.

Tales of Arise is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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