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Almost Two Years After Release, No Man’s Sky Finally Getting Multiplayer and More in Free Update

Will Hello Games redeem themselves with No Man's Sky Next?

by William Schwartz


When No Man’s Sky released on the PlayStation 4 and PC in 2016, it’s safe to say that it did not live up to the hype.  The gaming community at large had set such a lofty bar for the game to clear that it had no problem not reaching it.  Hello Games didn’t help much in the process.  They fed into the hype machine and many say that their marketing leading up to the release of the game was misleading.

Now, two years later, Hello Games has a massive update on the way for No Man’s Sky.  They’re calling it No Man’s Sky Next, and it’s a free update that will add full multiplayer support and base building, as well as a visual update, and more according to Sean Murray.

In many ways, what Murray is pitching here is what many wanted No Man’s Sky to be two years ago.  The July 24th Next Update will add things to No Man’s Sky that will increase the scope of the game.

Multiplayer and expanded base building will be introduced in the Next Update.  Players will be able to explore with friends or random online players, they can choose to play together and help each other survive as a friendly group or prey on others to do so.  Base building will be allowed anywhere on any planet, and the complexity of the bases will be increased with hundreds of new base parts.  Players will also be able to assemble and upgrade a fleet of ships, and there will be multiplayer missions which you can take on while at the helm of your freighter ship.  This is just a bit of what’ll be included in the Next Update, but the highlights for sure.

Hello Games has seemingly gone down the list of wrongs to right with No Man’s Sky Next and we won’t need to wait much longer to see if they were successful in their efforts.  For those who already own No Man’s Sky, the Next Update will be free to download on July 24th.  To those that didn’t buy into the hype, the game still costs $59.99 on the PlayStation Store and Steam.  Along with the update, the game will be arriving on the Xbox One.

Next Update No Man’s Sky Trailer

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