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Amazing Fan-Made Resident Evil 2: Reborn to Release Alpha this Summer

by William Schwartz


17 long years have passed since the release of Resident Evil 2 on the original Playstation, and today the game still remains a fan favorite among survival-horror fanatics. Many hardcore gamers have long demanded and pleaded with Capcom to remake the classic entry, but InvaderGames have taken the first step and painstakingly recreated the title with Unreal Engine 4.

The remake has been long in the making, with the creators taking great strides to create realistic environments while remaining true to the series. From the trailer released, the game takes the popular over the shoulder third-person shooter mechanics that began in Resident Evil 4, yet doesn’t feature a HUD or aiming reticule.

On their official website, the studio detailed their purpose for remaking the game:

“Using as a basis the assets of another title in the series ‘Resident Evil Darkside Chornicles’ the game began as a fanmade game / mod free non-profit.The goal of Resident Evil 2 Reborn is not only to recreate the universe of Resident Evil 2 in key next-gen with Unreal Engine 4, but create a game that deepen and expand the experience of the original Resident Evil 2, giving to the player a new game that combines the old soul of the original to new and interesting features written from scratch.”

The trailer revealed a summer 2015 release date for the Alpha, so fans won’t have to wait long. Not since Resident Evil 0, have I been excited for such a remake, we can only hope Capcom supports it.

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