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Amazon Lists A New The Last Guardian Companion Book

by Damian Seeto


Amazon has listed a new companion book that you can get for The Last Guardian. It contains artwork from the game, but also information about how the story came about and more.

The book has a release date of February 28th, 2017 and it costs $39.99. It comes with a hardcover and has 256 pages. The description says it’s more than just your usual artbook.

They are calling it a “new breed of gamebook” as it tells us how the story was created. If anyone has played the game before, you’ll know how unique it is. The story is something that you have to decipher for yourself.  This book will tell you some of the inspirations that Fumito Ueda had while creating the story and mysterious world of the game.

There is still a section of the book dedicated to the artwork. This includes screenshots and storyboards of what was going through the minds of the designers. It also has “never-before-seen illustrations” for fans to see as well.

Future Press (the publisher) also said this about the book: “Striking a balance between visual splendor and technical detail, this book celebrates Ueda’s singular vision and the dedicated team that helped bring it to life. The art and interviews contained within promise to reveal unexpected insights and fuel further discussions amongst fans everywhere”.

The Last Guardian came out earlier this month and it’s a very unique experience. Trico is one of the most interesting characters to be in a video game. He acts like a real pet and doesn’t always listen to you all of the time. It makes the experience unpredictable and sometimes humorous. If you are a fan of the game, this book will let you know how this game was made.

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